Rooftop Honey

by Cold Beaches

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    Full of groovy rock n roll tunes that will make you feel an array of emotions.

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released April 10, 2017

Recorded in the home studio of Sophia Nadia in Richmond, Virginia.
Also recorded in Chicago, Illinois with the help of Theo Caen of Knowhere Presents, and Barrett Guzaldo of Treehouse Records



all rights reserved


Cold Beaches Richmond, Virginia

I work hard and rock harder from Virginia.

Written and recorded by Sophia Nadia.

much love.

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Track Name: Boring
you lend your sweater, I don't want it no more
wanna buy me dinner, ain't hungry no more
think its all cool, when every night is a chore
you keep on talkin', when you're being a bore

if you looked at me like he did back then
you could see that we just gon' be friends
every word you spit is about yourself
I doubt for me was any love that you felt

you know I hate the man who doesn't like to read
the man who thinks hes exactly what I need
the only reason you leave me your clothes
is so your relevance to me will show
you want me to come over so your roommates know
trust me honey, you better bet i'll go

if you're not gonna see me, then leave me alone
i'm bored of being the rollin' stone
bein' the girl that you got in your head
i'm tellin' you now, i'd rather drop dead
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Love You
I've been sending away this feeling
I'll be damned if it leaves me alone
Been bubbling inside of me
And rattling in my bones

You don't seem to understand it
But I'm running away
It's just infatuation
With me, it seems to play

I've got your t-shirt, but wearing it hurts
Got to shake it all off, all these feelings of love.
Track Name: The Road
I swear to god, I don't feel so good
You tell me you're just in the neighborhood
Well driving through these streets all night
Does it make you feel alright?

He's got his money in his hand
And his phone in the other
Sitting on the couch
And hanging with his brothers

I don't wanna get too close to you
Why do I feel like I have to?
I don't like all the things you do.
Why do I feel like I have to?
Track Name: Oops!
I won't let anyone control me again
I'll never look back at my old friends
I'll never try to act or pretend
Or compromise myself like I did then

I know I made mistakes, baby, that night sucked
But you gotta hit the bottom before you get up
And darlin', I'm done, I've finally had enough
I'm telling you now and I'll show it, I can be tough

Got lost in the mist, got lost in the clouds
But I could never stop feeling so proud
I come from a house stronger than most
And in my mind, past lovers ain't even ghosts
Track Name: Don't Ask Me Why
I don't wanna play games
I've got what it takes
When my heart breaks
I'm still walking away

You ask me why
I look down
I can't answer
It only gets colder

It's time to move on
Next thing you know I am gone
How's it feel without a shoulder to cry on?
Track Name: I Need Some
I don't wanna be attached
How can I do that?
I feel the warmth on my face
I just love to sunbathe

Funny how i'm going through a big, big change
All i'm thinking bout's how good it tastes
I wish I was always with you
Even if i've got more to lose

Come back, I miss you so.
Don't think i'll ever stop, though
I wish we could start over again
The time wasn't right, not now, not then

In the morning, you're an angel
I need some self control.
Track Name: Ten Thirty-One
You stole my heart, now we're apart
I want it back, gotta stay on track
I'm at the party, oh, you're dancing
In the kitchen, oh it's you I'm missing

Do you think it's scary
All the love we're sharing?
Have no fear, i'm still here

Stay away, don't wanna feel
Just disappear
Track Name: Try Me
I'm done being asked what I can do for you
How bout for a second you acknowledge that I want something too?
And don't I dare shed another tear on someone I dont know
Who are you? I don't remember, man I gotta go

And darlin', try your best to take me down under
I can hold my breath for longer than you've ever wondered
And darlin', try to wrap your hands around my neck
Like oil and water, I'll slip away and avoid the train wreck

In one moment, my heart went from glass to steel
And I open my eyes, and saw what was real
And I know now exactly what I shouldn't feel
In one moment, my heart went from glass to steel
Track Name: Brake Lights
Brake lights paint our faces all red
I don't mind, as long's your shoulder's under my head
Or i'll get on your motorcycle and we'll ride out all the rest
Oh, darlin, I can sleep when I'm dead