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9 Tracks of good lovin'


released May 9, 2016

Synth, Guitar, Vox: Sophia Nadia
Drums: Kyle CG

Thank u University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA



all rights reserved


Cold Beaches Richmond, Virginia

I work hard and rock harder from Virginia.

Written and recorded by Sophia Nadia.

much love.

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Track Name: Crushed
I get so happy whenever I'm around you /
Gets me thinking I've got nothing to lose /
I am laying on the floor /
Just wishing that you'd let me know /

Trying to understand /
And everything is coming back /
and making my head heavy /
and all that I can do is /
figure out where i'm heading /
and things are not good /
happiness comes and goes /
been smoking way too much /
your highest highs, and lowest lows /

I don't need anyone.
Track Name: Sick
We hate people we've never met
Just to earn some goddamn respect
You are an elitist
About the most trivial shit
You make me feel so warm
Reminds me of the spring
To think i'm so gone now
We could've had everything

And I let my broken heart become flooded with guitars
Every day, smoking outside my car

Tell me why i'm feeling low
when I thought there wasn't a place below
The blackened part of my lungs
The suffocating days
and every day, a new complaint
Every day something new to say
Track Name: Wandering
I am wandering around my apartment /
Entire lack of love direction /
And it's so hard to get out of bed /
My mind is filled with mental illness /
I just need another cup of coffee /
Smoke until 3 in the morning /
Trying to be happy i'm alive /
But this is an uneven fight /

I just want you to be proud of me /
My heart has a hunger I can't feed /

I don't feel like anyone's darling /
I feel so very boring /
Walk with me around the city /
I promise it's more than just dirty.
Track Name: Longing
Do you know I miss being back on Earth /
Sometimes, I feel like it's something I don't deserve /
When I see you, my dear, I go back up /
My head, my dear, in pain oh I am stuck /

But to be in love with you /
And to see if you are too /

There's no way in Hell you can't see me try /
Yeah, I know it's hard for you, but you're the one outside /
And i'm scared, i'm terrified of losing all of my friends /
Losing everyone I know as the road of my time bends.
Track Name: Coping
I could vacuum my entire house /
I could call you and ask what this is about /
I could stop giving my friends second chances /
But i'm a sucker for brown eyed glances /

There are people in my head that I love /
But I could let go, push comes to shove /
I can't be comfortable anywhere /
I want to leave every time that he is there .. O /

You must stop hurting me with your smile /
My mind can't take it all the while /
You don't think a moment about me /
It's always just the surface of what you see /

Tell me if it's too intense /
I know love just don't make sense
Track Name: Parliaments
And I am here with you again /
I'm not ecstatic but i'll give you a chance /
Where things are not I just don't mind it /
Just don't think i'll go home and just quit /

And I will find a new way to deal with this /
Smoking a pack of Parliaments /

Let me be a person that you love /
Not the tired girl that you think of /
When will I see you all again /
You think I just get drunk with my friends /
I am working to prove you all wrong /
Hopefully that will not take long.
Track Name: Alone
What do I do with my heart pumping like it is? /
What do I do when I know I can't deal with this? /
I'm sorry that I can't love anyone /
My minds frozen but my heart wants some fun /

I am a lonely one /
You are a setting sun /

If things were different, I could love you all day /
Don't have to tell me how I love in strange ways /
Stuck in a far too familiar place /
Incapable to find the right words to say /

Why does my head ruin all the good I have? /
Should be happy but i'm so sad /
It's no one's problem but my own /
Maybe I should stay alone.
Track Name: Aching
The mountain says, "I leave my house to see you" /
"but it feels like i'm heading home" /
Then why call a house a home /
When it's there I feel alone? /

I swear I can't get into it /
You are the stars in my eyes /
The most annoying shit /
Can't get you out if I tried /

I just want it all to be cool /
And for cool to be calm /
Without the constant thought /
Stuck in my shaking palms /

I am here /
I'm okay /
I was there /
I was shaking /
I cannot leave /
For you I won't /
The reason my heart is aching.